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33 years of international corporate management experience held by Steve Wellington in one of the world’s largest Agribusinesses


Brazil is the largest FCOJ (frozen concentrated orange juice) producer in the world. The operation involved processing 20 million boxes (40 kg) p.a. in two plants in São Paulo State.


The business developed the first bulk shipping concept of FCOJ allowing exports of FCOJ to reach markets in bulk vessels shipping into bulk terminals located in international commercial ports revolutionizing the world market for FCOJ.


FCOJ is an internationally traded commodity on New York futures market.


The processing of FCOJ requires the development and maintenance of extensive captive supply of oranges, and Cargill™ developed such a network via long-term contracts with co-operatives, private growers and factory owned farms.



Brazil is the largest beef producer in the world. The business comprised of two abattoirs located in the States of São Paulo and Paraná with a total processing capacity of 1200 head of cattle per day. Both were start up operations.


The operation serviced both the domestic Brazilian market both in carcass form and selected cuts and by-products, and the export markets of Europe, Middle East and Asia in selected cuts and by-products


The operation of large scale abattoirs requires extensive networks of cattle supply and the factory developed such a network within Brazil’s cattle ranching sector, including feed-lot operations.


Cargill™ is one of the largest maize processing companies in the world with an extensive network of corn wet milling operations in South America, North America, Europe and Asia.


Products include all corn wet milling derivatives for food industry applications, paper and industrial sectors, animal feed sectors and the pharmaceutical industry.


Steve was on the start-up team of operations in Brazil, Turkey and China. These were green field projects carried through to investment and worldscale operations.


Maize is a commodity traded on the Chicago futures market and the company is a major world scale operator on the maize market.


Large scale corn milling requires very extensive networks to ensure supply of adequate maize for processing and we developed such networks on all continents.






Steve worked for one of the largest soy bean processors in the world and the market leader for consumer soy bean oil in Brazil. As a result of this, he has an extensive network of processing operations in South America, North America, Europe and Asia. The products involved in his projects include all soy bean derivatives for food industry applications, industrial applications, pharmaceutical sectors and animal feed sectors. Soy beans are a commodity traded of the futures markets.


Large scale soy bean processing requires very extensive networks to ensure adequate supply of soy bean and Steve has developed such networks on all continents.


Before disease ravaged many of the county’s cocoa farms, Brazil was one of the world’s largest cocoa producers. While working with Cargill™, Steve also gained work experience in operating a plant in the State of Bahia which became one of the largest operators in the sector.


This cocoa operation expanded into West Africa and is now a world scale operator producing all major cocoa derivatives for the international food and related industries.


As in all agribusiness processing, an extensive network to guarantee adequate supply of beans needs to be built-up and maintained and Steven is now a part of this network.


While working in Sweeteners and Starches Steve conducted several in depth viability studies for tapioca (cassava) plantations and processing plants in Brazil and South Africa.


The study in Brazil resulted in a successful investment - however, in South Africa not, as there are areas more suited to tapioca production.


Tapioca is a major cash crop in many countries where it is often a dietary staple and also widely used in the form of industrial starches.


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