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Fisher Foods was created to fill a production gap in the UK fresh fruit salad market and take advantage of the excellent climate that South Africa has for fruit production.


The factory was constructed close to Johannesburg International Airport and manufactured fresh fruit salads which were shipped daily by air to UK supermarkets.


The business was developed from concept to fully operational in a time scale of just over two years.


During this time we took the project from concept, raised equity by bringing in a UK PLC as a partner, secured debt, and designed the whole factory and set out the growing plan for production.


The operation was eventually purchased by a South African PLC.




tomato processing

Cape Concentrate is a 20 million USD operation producing aseptic tomato paste concentrate from its state of the art factory in Port Elizabeth on the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa.


The factory has an intake capacity of 1000 tonne of tomatoes per day producing around 150 tonne per day of high quality bulk tomato paste.


Despite its climatic advantages for tomato production South Africa was a net importer of tomato paste. This along with the fact that the Eastern Cape climate of South Africa allows one of the longest processing tomato production periods in the world were key factors in making the decision to look at the green field opportunity.


Over a period of five years debt and equity were raised and factory construction started in late 2010.








The factory has a requirement of over 2000 hectares of tomatoes per year and much of this comes from operations in previously disadvantaged areas creating over 700 new jobs were none had existed for over 20 years.


Click the video to view an independant documentary on Cape Concentrate produced by SABC for their Living Land series.



The two projects below were both start up operations. They were taken from an original idea spotting an opportunity through complex design and negotiations with banks and equity partners to implementation and operation.


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